New airline regulation: smart luggage needs to remove the battery before boarding

While smart suitcases (smart luggage) with built-in charging ports, GPS sensors and automatic weighing devices are gaining popularity, American Airlines (American Airlines) and American Airlines (Delta Airlines) Delta Airlines
New airline regulation: smart luggage needs to remove batteries before boarding
US Airlines spokesman Scott Leslie Scott (Leslie Scott), which will implement the new rule on January 15,2018, said travelers want to update the rule as soon as possible. Especially at the end of the year to the gift season, buy this kind of products can be considered. Us and Alaska Airlines have also issued the rules, saying that United Airlines (United Airlines) and Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines) are evaluating the policy.

The smart suitcase usually has a built-in automatic weighing sensor, so when you lift the suitcase, it tells everyone through the APP if the suitcase weighs beyond the airport rules. In addition, the suitcase has two charging connectors that can charge your phone and tablet at any time. Some smart suitcases also have sensors that warn you when the owner is beyond the range of the suitcase. In case the suitcase is lost, the built-in GPS sensor sends the suitcase location information.
At present, there are various purchase options on the market, Bag-maker Away brand intelligent boarding box for 225 yuan, functional G-RO brand for 374 yuan; Bluetooth brand boarding box can lock the suitcase with mobile phone, and scale weight function, 449 yuan.
According to Delta, the suitcase products use lithium-ion batteries, which are at risk of burning overheated. Last fall, the Federal Department of Transportation banned passengers from carrying the Note7. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines require passengers to use this suitcase. You must remove the battery before boarding the plane.
Ryan (Tim Ryan), marketing manager at Modobag, who makes the smart suitcase, said that under the new airline rules, the company will consider designing it to facilitate the removal of the suitcase battery. He also said that the batteries in the smart boarding case were handled by the manufacturer using different technologies, so no other phones spontaneously ignited.