Take stock of the funny and funny “American Chinese food”

Before coming to America, they all thought that foreigners liked Chinese food. In the words of the ancients, although China’s artifacts are not as good as foreign ones, my China food culture has saved some face. Unconsciously, some small nationalist vanity swelled. However, after I arrived in the United States, I contacted some Chinese restaurants that foreigners like to go to, and found that foreigners like “Chinese food”, such as Zuo Zongtang’s chicken, beef with broccoli, fried spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, kung pao chicken, crab cakes and fried noodles, all of which are sweet and sour, with a hint of exotic flavor. A “fortune cookie” was presented after dinner, and everyone was very happy. Both fast food and Chinese Buffet’s so-called “Chinese food” taste exactly the same, which can be said to be an improved “Chinese food”. Therefore, the so-called “Chinese food” in the United States, or the Chinese food in the fast food and fast food buffet store, should be called “American Chinese food”, which is more appropriate. Later, more foreigners came into contact with them, and they ate with their company and ordered different dishes, especially in the adult school of English tutoring.

In a situational conversation, Jack and Sandy made an appointment to eat in a Chinese restaurant, Kung Pao Chicken, which really made people laugh. The so-called “Chinese food” that foreigners like to eat is really separated from our ideas. Later, with the increase of American life knowledge, this kind of thing is not surprising. I heard from a friend who used to work in this restaurant that this kind of American “Chinese food” and even the seasonings were adjusted in advance, and it was completely produced by manual mechanization. According to the process, it didn’t require the chef to have much cooking skills. No wonder it was a strange taste from the east coast to the west coast. According to the research of historians, this kind of “American Chinese food” was in the era of development and railway construction on the west coast of the United States. Many people immigrated to the United States from China, Guangdong and Fujian, and many people could not find jobs. Most of them washed clothes or opened restaurants to support their families, thus bringing their dishes to the United States. However, unfamiliar chefs in China found that local ingredients and seasonings were different from their hometown. They have to put many vegetables in American Chinese food commonly used by foreigners, such as carrots, tomatoes and broccoli … This strange taste is “synthesized” with Chinese food. At the same time, chefs from Fujian and Guangdong also actively collect the advantages of international catering. Combining the characteristics of Japanese food and Italian food, such as Italian fried noodles, Japanese “fortune cookie” and southern European orange sweet and sour chicken, the so-called “American Chinese food” is actually a hodgepodge, mixing Asian, European, Latin American and local flavors. Therefore, in the final analysis, “American Chinese food” began to mix with various dishes and tastes around the world and adapt to the tastes of local people. Take foreigners’ favorite sour and sweet taste as an example. American Chinese food is very different from traditional Chinese food. Because “sweet and sour” sauce is the most commonly used Chinese food in the United States, many foods are decorated with canned pineapples (such as sweet and sour meat) or canned cherries. As for why this is done, it may be because Americans accept sweet and sour taste, and canned food is cheap, which is a win-win choice for diners and restaurants. To this day, although some restaurants use some fresh ingredients instead of canned food, the taste of “sweet and sour” remains unchanged. In addition, the American Chinese food industry combines the characteristics of American Chinese food and western food, forming its own unique dishes. For example, Chow Mein sandwiches in New England, a popular fried platter in America, and St. Paul’s Sandwich)—— in Missouri-basically hibiscus egg pies with lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise. There is no connection with Chinese food at all. To this end, some media commented that most of the American Chinese food eaten in American “Chinese restaurants” is not real Chinese food, but American Chinese food. As time goes by, China immigrants have improved according to American ingredients and American preferences. In 2008, former new york Times reporter jennifer lee pointed out that most people in China don’t even know what fried chips are. Since Chinese food began to appear in the United States in the 19th century, after several generations of evolution, it has been suitable for American tastes, completely cutting off the connection with China traditional dishes. Perhaps, just like fried chips, this comment can also be applied to other American “Chinese dishes” Even last year, some media reported that “American Chinese food” rooted in the United States opened a restaurant in Shanghai. Now, Americans living in Shanghai can taste their favorite Chinese food in a new restaurant. This restaurant is called “Fortune Cookie”. This restaurant was opened by two Americans last year, mainly to comfort those nostalgic Americans and cater to the tastes of local China people. People may think that their actions are a joke-opening an American Chinese restaurant in China is like “transporting coal to Newcastle”.


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